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Startups powered by DesignRepublic

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4 startups recently powered by DesignRepublic

16 March ’21 – Francis

The number of created companies in Belgium is rising, especially in food

The trend to create your own business is rising everywhere, and especially creating businesses in the food sector is popular in Belgium.

Reasons why food sector is so popular in Belgium:

> Market trends: people want to consume differently + big names are looking to partner up (think Global, act Local)

> Local Specificities: Belgians love food and have a high standard of living + more and more young Belgians want to become entrepreneurs + food is tangible and low tech (u don’t need a big workforce of expensive developpers)

And what do start-ups need to succeed? 

1) Of course a great idea / product > With this it all starts

2) Ambition / passion of the team and / or owners > This is indispensable but not sufficient

3) Most importantly: at the end of the day > ‘You need to sell!’

And this is where DesignRepublic comes in as we offer ‘Creativity that Sells’, by not only creating a brand identity and an attractive packaging, but also (co-)writing the story and preparing and guiding the start ups to the B2B client meetings with the retailers. 

The start ups powered by DesignRepublic all have one thing in common: they want to create a business with a meaning and a story: either healthier, more local, more socially responsible and/or more environmentally sound.

And great to see is that, amongst the food start ups we are meeting, gender diversity is a non-issue: we meet about as many man, female and ‘couple’ entrepreneurs, which is definately not the case in all sectors (think of fintech where the entrepreneurs are predominantly men).

Four case studies of startups recently powered by DesignRepublic: