Zùsto pack and pallet

Branding & Packaging Design

Zùsto, the 1:1 alternative to sugar.

Zùsto is a full fledged substitute for sugar, intended for home bakers, professionals and diabetics, with 75% less calories.

DesignRepublic was approached when the product was still in its development phase. We wanted to reflect the endless variety of applications of the product and that is why we have used a messy, actionpaint-like background. As in actionpainting, the action, the gesture of the making is the starting point… just like in cooking.

We also helped with the naming: ‘Gusto’ in Italian is ’taste’, in English ‘Gusto’ means ‘doing something with enthousiasm’, and we replaced the ‘G’ by the ‘Z’ of ‘zoet’, which is ‘sweet’ in Dutch.

Zùsto = Gusto with a ‘Z’

What we did


naming / logo creation / brand identity / packaging design / graphic design / photography / artwork

Zùsto background action paint
Zùsto one to one to sugar
Zùsto the smarter choice
Zùsto coffee and cookie
Zùsto affiche