Strategic re-branding

Le Palais de la Truffe – Eurotartufi is a company specialized in fresh truffles and truffle products of the highest quality. The shop serves private customers as well as Belgium’s most demanding chefs, and is located on place St. Job in a bustling and upscale neighbourhood of Brussels.

Spring 2023 DesignRepublic was contacted by Le Palais de la Truffe for a project to make a brochure to feature all their products. Of course this brochure needed to reflect the high quality and the attractiveness of the products. At the same time the brochure needed to be easy to read, appealing and with a logical guidance. In our first presentation we went quite a bit further and proposed a rebranding of the complete ‘Le Palais de la Truffe’ brand: a revision of the logo, a style and typography for the communication, graphical elements and a range of icons together with a photography style.

What we did


branding / logo design / corporate identity / brochure design / packaging design / graphic design / illustration / artworking / stylism / art direction

le palais de la truffe - logo

Of course the rebranding needed to reflect the exclusive aspect and high quality of the products. Therefore we choose to work with a base in matt black, with some elements printed in glossy black on top. For the titles and heading of the text we choose gold.

The Palais de la Truffe team were very pleased with the proposals so they agreed over the whole line and ordered the development of the corporate identity and packaging design in line with the style of the brochure and brand identity we proposed.

Le Palais de la Truffe - Icons
Le Palais de la Truffe - bag

One of the key elements of a brochure for food is the visualisation of the products. We proposed to include pictures in the brochure expressing indulgence and appetite: a basket full of fresh truffles ready to use, bruschettas topped with truffles, as well as pizza and pasta with fresh slices of truffle. The styling and art direction of the photographs is all done by DesignRepublic together with the client, the pictures are taken by Les2B.

Le Palais de la Truffe - icons
Styling and photography
Corporate identity