End Of Year Brand Architecture for Delhaize

Brand Architecture

The Belgian Delhaize supermarkets, part of the Ahold Delhaize Group, have been calling on us for branding advice for many many years . We take care of the branding of many of their quality own brand ranges. One of their annually recurring range is the End Of Year range which is sold during the festive season.

What we did


brand architecture / styling / art direction / execution

Delhaize EOY Christmas Tree
Delhaize EOY

This brand architecture is already developed several years ago, and each year Delhaize supermarkets is re-introducing this popular range and adding quite a few references. What a great proof that this brand architecture meets all the requirements of good branding: it is timeless, consistent, flexible and easy to understand.

Delhaize EOY range

It is timeless as this architecture is already developed a couple of years ago, and new references are added each year. The architecture stays relevant, festive and attractive. It is consistent as this architecture is developed as such that it is used over the whole EOY range over and over again. It is flexible as this architecture is easy to implement over all sorts of products, from sweet to savory. And this architecture is easy to understand: immediately you are brought into the festive mood of the season.

Delhaize EOY Cake

For this EOY range we created the brand strategy for the whole range, we did the styling and art direction of the photography for each reference and we did the execution of the packaging design.