Yum'mix, veggie burger mix, Classic

Branding & Packaging Design

Yum’mix is a brand that DesignRepublic created from scratch for serial entrepreneur Bernard. He has been active in the healthy, no gluten, foodspace since many years. Bernard approached us with his idea of a very easy instant mix for veggie burgers. These mixes are vegan, gluten free and high in protein: just add water, shape them and cook them: easy as that. They come in three flavors: Classic, Italian and Tex-Mex.

DesignRepublic was asked to come up with a name, a brand strategy and positioning, and an appealing packaging design. The challenge was that this product was quite new and it was not very clear where to put it on the shelves: in the gluten free range? next to the instant noodles? closer to the falafels as the way of preparing is quite similar?

So first the name: for this type of new product we like a name that is more or less self explanatory: Yum’mix, stands for a yummy mix: mix the product with some water and the result is a delicious burger! There should not be more to it: it is easy, just like the product.

What we did


naming / branding / packaging design / art direction / graphic design  / artworking

Yum'mix, veggie burger mix, how to make it picto's

This product is pretty new and unknown in its range. We decided to position it very accessible and appealing: a design that shows the product in all its glory: a tasty, juicy burger on a delicious bun. At the same time, on the back of the pack, we created explanatory picto’s that show how to prepare and use the product: pour, mix and cook: ready in 10 minutes!

In the supermarket you find this product in the shelves next to the instant soups and the miraculous pasta: the ideal place in the shelf for this type of product.

Yum'mix, veggie burger mix, Italiano pack shot
Yum'mix, veggie burger mix, Tex Mex pack shot
Yum'mix, veggie burger mix, Tex Mex top shot