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Wanders Deli
Branding & Packaging Design

WANDERS Finest Deli (previously, Les Trempettes de Bruxelles, founded in 2018) is a Brussels based brand offering delicious organic dips, spreads and sauces.

End 2021, founder Kevin Matthys had plans to extend the existing vegetable dip range with various other organic product types such as spreads, hummus, sauces etc. One of the biggest challenges on his path was the actual brand name itself. ‘Les Trempettes’ refers to the french verb ‘tremper’ meaning ‘to dip’. So what if you want to launch other products that don’t allow ‘dipping’ and what with the witty pun itself? Is it comprehensible for non-native French speakers?

That’s where Designrepublic was invited to come on board. Our assignment was to rename and to redesign the brand and create an umbrella brand with a strong identity that allows growth of the product portfolio.

What we did


packaging design / branding / naming / graphic design / artworking

naming by Designrepublic
Branding by Designrepublic
Branding en packaging design by DesignRepublic

Essential here was that the brand name clearly reflects the core and nature of the products: pure, natural, exploration and discovery.
‘Wanders’ is a symbiosis bringing all these aspects together: roaming and discovering purity and amazement on your path.

Logo and brand architecture
As the product labels are fairly small, it was vital that the brand logo is clear and visible enough on-pack. We therefore created a impactful typographic logo that predominates the label.  As the ‘local and qualitative’ aspect is a very important characteristic of the brand, we decided to make this message (Wanders Finest deli and Belgian quality) part the brand logo itself.

The product name follows the same approach: a straight and simple typo at large size to ensure clear product differentiation. The different colour coding per product reinforces this differentiation.

For the colour coding we used natural, yet strong and bright colours that match well with the organic nature of the products.

Wanders Finest Deli creation emballage par Designrepublic
Wanders Finest Deli Creation marque par Designrepublic
Wanders Finest Deli verpakkings design door DesignRepublic
Wanders Finest Deli merk creatie door DesignRepublic
Wanders Finest Deli packaging design by DesignRepublic
Wanders Finest Deli branding by DesignRepublic