Branding & Packaging Design

Linck is one of our dearest and oldest customers. Ever since the start of DesignRepublic in 2009, Linck has entrusted us with many beautiful projects for global vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

One of our latest darlings is the Vegan Pate range. When you think ‘paté’, you think ‘meat’, right? No Madam/Sir/Mx, not these babies!: a creamy, rich and lush texture just like real classic porc paté but entirely made of organic and vegan ingredients.

What we did


packaging design / graphic design / logo design / artwork

For the line extension we were asked to create a design that expresses indulgence, authenticity, quality and trustworthiness.

To ensure consistency in the Vegan Deli product offer, the logo and background colour were kept. For the ‘Paté’ descriptor we introduced a new typo of which we knew the word would be very visible and easy to read. Differentiation between the six product variants is ensured by means of individual illustrations.

In a nutshell, a straightforward classic design with a contemporary twist through illustrations.