Branding & Packaging Design

In 2020 Manufacture Belge de Chocolats (MBC) contacted DesignRepublic with a daring briefing: create a brand from scratch that is stylish, young, different and sustainable. MBC is a big player in the Belgian chocolate market: they own a 20.000m2 production site where since 1921 quality chocolates are produced. Their main partner is GODIVA chocolatier, a global leader in premium, artisanal chocolate.

The solution provided by DesignRepublic was bold: let’s create a statement brand with a mission. Instead of negative statements used on certain categories of products (‘smoking kills’), we decided to look at the bright side and make a positive statement (’these chocolates are sooooooo good for….’).

What we did


branding / packaging design / naming / graphic design / art-working / photography

We specially created Rosalie’s for travel retail, with a clear baseline to offer ‘loving kindness’, and a powerful CSR message: “these chocolates are soooo good for the planet, cocoa farmers and children”. The brand collaborates with Cocoa Horizons to ensure that all cocoa is ethically and sustainably sourced.

The pastel colors used are a-typical for a chocolate range. Like this a maximal shelf impact is guaranteed. On the cover we used clear images of the chocolates that are within the box to achieve a what you see is what you get result.

During spring 2022 our chocolate design ‘Rosalie’s’ appeared in airports all over Europe due to the collaboration with WHSmith.