Packaging Design

Postel Beer, the abbey beer loved by all, young and old.

Alken-Maes, part of the Heineken Group, reached out to us for a challenging beer project. The Postel brand had remained unchanged for more than 25 years and it was high time for rejuvenation to become a younger, fresher and more dynamic brand. On the other hand, of course, loyal buyers had to continue to find back their favourite product on the store shelf.

We were briefed to play it safe, and to make an evolution of the current design. Which we did. However, throughout the process so many superb trailblazing ideas sparked, that we decided to retain one in our presentation to Alken-Maes. They were over the moon about the proposals, and surprisingly enough, also about the revolutionary concept that we sneaked in. Now, would they find the courage to present this route to the Norbertine monks?

What we did


packaging design / graphic design / logo design / artwork

After a couple weeks of total silence, we got news. And did it kick in?

Yes, it did indeed! The monks loved our out-of-the-box proposal. Moreover, they wanted to see more of it! We were given a green card to strip off old cluttered codes and to break Postel out of its medieval cage.

The result is a brand new Postel, pure, young and with strong iconic and recognizable features expressing the same heritage and centuries of craftsmanship.


Postel beer