Nitsui, asian food for Goumanisto, line up by DesignRepublic

Branding & Packaging Design

Nitsui is a brand of the Goumanisto group, a company whose calling is to connect people around taste. For this they create collections adapted to the specific needs of their customers under a private label brand or their own brand.

For the Asian food collection Goumanisto approached DesignRepublic to develop a concept translated in a name, branding and packaging design. We came up with the name ‘Nitsui – asian good food’, in white letters on a red background, colors closely related to the Asian culture.

For the packaging we used illustrations slightly based on the famous 19th century drawing ’the big wave’ of Japanse artist Hokusai. The container in which the products are packed is a more sustainable version: a thin plastic base with a cardboard holder. Like this 75% less plastic is used in comparison with comparable full plastic holders. The different materials are easily seperable for easy recycling.

Goumanisto – sharing, our quest

What we did


naming / branding / packaging design / art direction / graphic design  / artworking

Nitsui, asian food for Goumanisto, naming and logo by DesignRepublic
sfeerbeeld Nitsui verpakking
Nitsui, verpakking design door DesignRepublic
Nitsui, verpakkingsdesign door DesignRepublic
Nitsui, asian food for Goumanisto, branding & packaging by DesignRepublic