Léon Chaillot, saucisson de l'Ardèche

Léon Chaillot
Branding & Packaging Design

Léon Chaillot, Salaison Artisanale, contacted DesignRepublic to bring their visual branding and packaging more in line with the values they stand for: artisanal meet products of high quality.

The previous logo did not reflect this positioning, and there was no consistency in the branding. The abundant use of pink colors referred more to sweet than to savory.

Our main challenge was to uplift the branding and the packaging design; to give it a more premium allure. Therefore we introduced a blue and gold color palette.

DesignRepublic also relifted the logo, honoring existing brand equities the customer wanted to keep: the hot air ballon with the pinkish color.

What we did


logo relifting / branding  / packaging design / photography / artwork

Léon Chaillot, salaison artisanale
Léon Chaillot, artisanale worst uit de Ardèche
Léon Chaillot, artisanale worst
Léon Chaillot, salaison artisanale de l'Ardèche