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Holy Berry is a Belgian food start-up founded by Margaux and Stephen. The name ‘Holy Berry’ refers to the açaí berry, a berry with a particular nutritional value and considered as a real immunity booster, until recently, strangely enough, unprecedented on the Belgian market.

Their frozen açaí packs are available since 2017. When Margaux and Stephen decided to sell the packs in individual units, they turned to DesignRepublic for the creation of an attractive, colourful packaging design and a slight rebranding.

And how nice it is to help build the development and brand awareness of a product that is grown organically, sustainably and ethically at the same time.

This design features on 2 of the most influential packaging design site: ‘World Brand Design’ and ‘Packaging of the World’.

What we did


packaging design / graphic design / illustration / food styling / artworking

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Holy Berry found a partner in Brazil with whom they can work directly according to their wishes: organic berry picking in wild nature and sustainable trade. Their partner is a lady who is very concerned about the wellbeing of the Amazon rainforest from which she comes and she guards the quality and sustainability of the berries. She is also a member of a fund that deals with employment and community work in the Amazon rainforest. Part of the income from their açaí purchase will be reinvested directly into this fund.

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