Froui Line Up

Branding & Packaging Design

The story of Froui – Yes to taste, No to sugar –

Beginning 2019 two Brussels guys with a mission contacted DesignRepublic: they wanted to launch a healthy, low sugar, locally produced, honest family drink, …. and oh yes …. it had to be funny too. And for this they needed our experience in creating a suitable brand identity and positioning.

In true collaboration with the customer we came to a new name ‘Froui’, a colourful label design reflecting the values of the brand, and a little mascotte which added fun to the logo.

The launch of ‘Froui’ is a great success: when they approached us they were for sale in 3 shops, two years later you can find the drink in over 125 points of sale. Next to this commercial success they launched a crowdfunding in autumn 2020 and within one month time they reached 188% of their goal!

What we did


naming / brand identity / packaging design / graphic design / illustration / artworking

A nice example of how all ingredients for this start up came together to make it a success: an honest product, a great design, the right timing and of course the never ending energy of the founders!