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Elvea is the leading brand for canned and concentrated tomatoes in Belgium.
(We do branding & packaging design for Elvea since 2014.)

To strengthen its’ positioning, we helped the tomato specialist Elvea to develop a premium sub range. This range is made of tomatoes from relatively small fields in Italy where the tomatoes are sun ripened, handpicked with love and carefully packed. We created a name for this sub range (Selezione del Maestro) and developed a packaging design that expresses the premium positioning for high end consumers whilst staying in line with the brand’s core heritage: the blue color. Our challenge was thus to use the elements from the mainstream packaging design and yet to be premium. Our solution was to use the dark blue Pantone color of the brand device as a uniform background (on the mainstream packaging the blue is a gradation from blue & cyan), supported by hot foil stamping in gold. We kept the essential graphical elements of the mainstream packaging to create a classy, chic, premium and relatively minimalistic packaging in this category.

We baptized this range as Selezione del Maestro to emphasize the premiumness even more. The name also reinforces the fact that the tomatoes in this sub range are specially selected by the ‘maestro’ himself.

The result is a premium packaging design that is in line with Elvea’s core values.

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packaging design / art direction / graphic design / market analysis / naming / artworking

Top range for Elvea by DesignRepublic
Luxe verpakking Elvea door DesignRepublic
Top range pour Elvea par DesignRepublic
Elvea top range by DesignRepublic