Delhaize Pasta Range

Branding & Packaging Design

Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket chain known for its qualitative products and innovations under their own private brands. DesignRepublic does branding & packaging design for Delhaize since 2009. We were briefed to redesign the Delhaize private label pasta range to make it a major actor of the category again.

In this briefing the target group was described as everyone who enjoys pasta and who looks for accessible, tasty and qualitative products. The target group is not specially attached to one brand and trusts Delhaize as a good alternative for qualitative products. Furthermore the shelf impact and packaging architecture needed to be strong, while at the same time the packaging needed to be simple and attractive. 

What we did


re-branding / packaging design / graphic design / art-working / photography

DesignRepublic provided following solution by making a design with very strong graphical elements illustrating the different types of pasta. As a color scheme, blue on a white background, is atypical for the range and results in a strong shelf impact. The printed foil is used inside out to obtain an extra mat effect. Furthermore, the Italian origin is emphasized by the stamp of origin. The customer is guided through the range by the easy but strong brand architecture.