Branding & Packaging Design

Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket chain known for its qualitative products and innovations under their own private brands. We do branding & packaging design for Delhaize since 2009.

How to introduce a new product in a category that is dominated by A-brands? By focusing on the product itself. The Delhaize Choco is not only a product of high quality but it also tastes great.

Prior to starting the packaging design we received some samples for tasting. The whole team was immediately in love with the generous nutty taste and the thick creamy structure. This was our inspiration for the packaging design and we all had the same hunch: how to translate this indulging experience on the packaging? We focused on creating the best choco sandwich ever and we used our own food styling skills to achieve the perfect result, as can be seen on the packaging.

The result is an original packaging design full of appetite, that makes it undoubtedly mouth-watering.

What we did


concept / packaging design / art direction / graphic design / food styling / market analysis / artworking

Delhaize hero product choco by DesignRepublic