CoolBeans branding by DesignRepublic

CoolBeans - Eat Beans, Not Meat
Branding & Packaging Design

Did somebody say cheeky pea?

Diane, founder of Coolbeans Foods, approached us as she was looking for a partner to bring her brand to live. Diane’s quest was to find plant-based food that is rich in taste and protein, as well as natural and wholesome for our body and our planet. Diane started exploring the universe of beans and spices and is now leveraging wholesome ready-to-eat bean-centric dishes. It all started with only one dish but soon she realized that there is so much more out there in the bean Walhalla: a universe of pulses with beans, lentils, chickpeas…all perfect bases for more bean-centric foods. That’s when she called out to DesignRepublic.

Our mission was to design a coherent brand that covers the universe of pulses and all possible future line extensions within the brand. Key in the process of designing the brand was:

Cool Beans Foods should celebrate the huge variety of flavor, texture, color, that only natural pulses can provide. The design should be colorful, cheerful, bursting with flavor and honest not just pretending to be honest.

We also pride ourselves in having been able to guide Diane in her mission to select the right packaging materials: guaranteed freshness of the product and sustainability across the entire value chain, from sourcing raw materials to packaging.

What we did


branding / packaging design / typography  / illustrations / product naming / artworking

Cheeky chickpeas

The logo existed already and the colourfulness of it served as an inspiration source for our
creations. We went for vibrant colour-blocking and funny bean illustrations doing all sorts of
cheeky pea tricks. To make sure that also the natural, wholesome nature of the product is
properly expressed, we chose to write the product name in a handwritten font on a paper
device. The latter, additionally, serves as a common graphical device that boosts on-shelf
coherence within the product range. We also had an absolutely great time finding fun
product names and poses for all our cheeky peas!

Last but not least, the design is topped up by amazing food photography that clearly
expresses the bursting flavours of the product! Enjoy!

Cheeky chickpeas