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Bamboo is a young Belgian brand, full of natural goodness, founded in 2016.

In 2017 the founders Charlotte and Lionel approached DesignRepublic to re-brand their existing and relatively new packaging design. The main objective was to have an impactful packaging design that expresses appetite appeal, indulgence and healthiness.

This packaging is featured on the leading packaging design blog: ‘Packaging of the World’ and on ‘World Brand Design Society’.

What we did


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beautiful Bamboo visual by DesignRepublic Belgium

Since Bamboo was already in the shelves, we had to consider the fact that existing customers should easily find the brand again after the new re-design. Thus, the use of white (that was also prominent in the previous design) was a mandatory design element.

To have more control over how the packaging ‘lives’ in the shelves, we proposed to use a carton box instead of a flexible pack. The idea to use the rough side of the carton as the outside of the packaging is to help express ‘healthiness’.

When Charlotte told us that in the beginning they used to bake their granola themselves, we proposed to integrate that image as an icon in the logo instead of the wave. This way, the brand was talking more about the founders and their passion. The wave in the initial logo was referring to exotic Bali. It was during this surfing holiday in Bali that the two got the idea to start a granola brand. And because we wanted to honour this exotism, we integrated palm leaves in the design.

By using tasty healthy granola bowls in our design, we stimulate consumers to buy Bamboo granola even more.

The result, after – only – one year, is that Bamboo is now available in supermarket chains and small retailers all over Belgium (instead of only in a few regions of Belgium), as well as in the Netherlands and France.

Playful Bamboo design by Designrepublic belgium
Bamboo Raw design by DesignRepublic Belgium